2023 French IT Sourcing Study

The 2023 French IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with Timspirit, represents the largest survey to date. With over 200 participants from France’s leading IT-spending organisations, the study gathers insights on the top performing IT and cloud providers, with over 600 unique IT sourcing relationships and more than 700 cloud sourcing relationships evaluated.

Over the next two years, 31% of respondents plan to outsource more, while 32% predict no changes. In contrast, 13% aim to outsource less (insource), marking a rise from the previous year’s 11%. This increase is driven primarily by financial considerations. France has the highest percentage of respondents expressing uncertainty about their future outsourcing plans (24%). This is 10% above the 2023 European average, suggesting a higher level of indecision in this market.

The transport and logistics sector indicates significant growth prospects, with 54% of respondents planning to outsource more, while the financial services sector also plans to outsource above average at 37%. In contrast, the manufacturing and public sectors show a lower intention to increase outsourcing (26%), 5% below average.

In France, cost reduction remains the top driver for organisations planning to outsource more, cited by 56% of respondents. Despite a slight decrease in significance of 7%, it maintains an 11% lead over other drivers. Focus on core business functions is second with 45%, followed by service quality improvement with 40%.

Cost reduction
Focus on core business
Improvement of service quality

Security emerges as the top area for future IT investments, with 61% planning to enhance cybersecurity measures. 57% aim to automate business processes, while 50% seek cost-saving solutions.

Organisations are showing a growing interest in adopting a globally distributed delivery model. Approximately 40% of respondents plan to increase nearshore outsourcing, while only 11% plan to decrease its use. Additionally, 34% plan to leverage offshore resources, contrasting with the 14% aiming to maintain onshore operations.

TCS 84%
DXC Technology 78%
Wipro 78%

General satisfaction: Exceptional Performers

Among the 602 evaluated IT sourcing relationships, 57% are rated satisfied or very satisfied, while 11% are somewhat unsatisfied to very unsatisfied.

The general satisfaction ranking includes 24 IT service providers, with Orange Cyberdefense as the only newcomer. TCS continues to lead with an 84% satisfaction score, followed by DXC Technology and Wipro, both scoring 78%. This trio have achieved exceptional performer status. The average satisfaction score has increased marginally to 72%, the lowest in Europe.

Across the five IT service towers, the top providers are:

Digital transformation: TCS, Accenture and DXC Technology.

Application services: TCS, LTIMindtree and DXC Technology.

Cloud & infrastructure services: TCS, Fujitsu and DXC Technology.

Workplace services: TCS, Computacenter and Fujitsu.

Security services: Orange Cyberdefense, Atos/Eviden and Capgemini.

The French report includes full rankings for the above IT service towers.

In terms of cloud services, more than 700 cloud-sourcing relationships have been evaluated by respondents, with only 5% rated somewhat unsatisfied or unsatisfied (6% lower than IT service providers).

New providers lead the infrastructure and software cloud platform rankings this year for the first time. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the number one infrastructure cloud provider with 78%, following an increase of 5%. Meanwhile, Google Workspace leads the software cloud ranking with an 81% rating after an 8% improvement.

Google Cloud Platform
Google Workspace

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