Best Practices Groups

Whitelane Research Executive Best Practices Groups are forums exclusively for corporate executives (end-users only) who use sourcing as a significant part of their business strategies. Membership, which is by invitation only, allows executives to share ideas and information about their sourcing relationships confidentially.

Members come together four times a year to discuss specific sourcing-related topics.

Example topics:

  • Governance Models & Tools to Better Manage Providers

  • Selective vs. Integrated Sourcing

  • Sole Sourcing Initiatives

  • Application Testing Sourcing

  • Use of Benchmarking, Incentives, Penalties

  • Offshore/Nearshore Experiences

  • Shared Service Centres and Captives

  • Role of the CIO in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Public Cloud Challenges

Best Practices Groups

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