IT Outsourcing Relationship Healthcheck

A facilitated 360° assessment offering usable advice to uplift the quality of the collaboration and relationship between the internal IT department, the business and your strategic IT service providers.

How do you rate your service providers’ performance and how do you assess your internal IT capabilities and outsourcing behaviour?

How do your service providers assess your IT capabilities and outsourcing behaviour and how do they rate their own performance?

How can perception gaps be explained and how does the providers’ performance benchmark against the IT outsourcing market?

An outsourcing relationship needs to be actively managed while building on strong governance, mature processes, savvy leadership, adequate tools and appropriate skills.

360° assessment of your strategic IT service provider’s performance and of your own IT governance capabilities and maturity

Assessment of the client’s capabilities/maturity with regard to outsourcing relationships

  • Business relationship management (capabilities, demand forecasting)

  • Delivery of change projects (functional, architectural, technical skills)

  • Service delivery management (team effectiveness, meeting and reporting structure)

  • Behaviour in an outsourced model (demarcation of responsibilities, cooperation)

  • Contract & commercial management (operational, tactical and strategic supplier relationship management)

  • Innovation (governance, process, funding)

Performance assessment of the IT service provider by the client and provider(s)

  • Service delivery: quality, skills, maturity, people retention, escalation process, service management, reporting, etc.

  • Relationship: account management, leadership, proactivity

  • Commercial: price level, contractual flexibility

  • Transformation: transformational capabilities, innovation, business understanding

IT Outsourcing Relationship Healthcheck

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