2020 French IT Sourcing Study Results Published

The 2020 French IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research, investigates more than 480 unique IT sourcing relationships and more than 300 cloud sourcing relationships held by over 160 participants of the top IT spending organisations in France. This makes it the most comprehensive French survey to date with more than 780 sourcing relationships investigated.

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IT sourcing relationships
Cloud sourcing relationships

Key findings from the 2020 French Study:

Over the next two years more outsourcing is predicted for France, with 64% of respondents planning to outsource at the same rate or more (an increase of 5% since last year). Plans to insource also increase from 14% to 17% as organisations look to achieve faster time-to-market and improved quality outcomes as well as alleviate the challenge of working with service providers in Agile/DevOps teams.


With a significant margin of 16%, cost reduction continues to be the most important driver for organisations looking to outsource more in France (cited by 66%). This is followed by focus on core business (50%) and improvement of service quality (47%). Service providers and clients agree on the top three outsourcing drivers although providers consider cost reduction even more important than clients with 92%.

Overall, respondents are satisfied with their IT service provider(s), with 90% of all 484 IT sourcing relationships being rated as satisfactory, 7% being somewhat unsatisfied, 2% unsatisfied and only 1% very unsatisfied.

TCS achieves first place on the overall ranking for general satisfaction for a second year in a row with a score of 82%, followed by HCL and Wipro (both at 80%) and Accenture, LTI, Capgemini and Cognizant (all four at 76%). The average satisfaction of 71% remains the same in comparison with last year.

Clients are most satisfied with the account management and service delivery of their service providers. The two KPIs have the highest average satisfaction scores with 77% and 74% respectively. Wipro tops the ranking for account management with 93% while TCS achieves first place for service delivery with 91%. In contrast, service providers can still improve their performance in areas such as proactivity and innovation, both of which have the lowest average scores among the nine KPIs (63% and 61% respectively).

Account Management
Service Delivery

This year the cloud providers have been ranked separately with more than 300 unique cloud sourcing relationships evaluated. Amazon Web Services (AWS) tops the ranking for Infrastructure Cloud Platforms with 78%, followed by OVH (75%) and Microsoft Azure (70%). Microsoft 365 is ranked number one for Software Cloud Platforms with 81%, followed by Google Suite (78%) and Salesforce.com (74%). The average satisfaction for both cloud rankings is 71% suggesting clients are equally satisfied with their cloud and IT service providers.

29% of clients predict that 50% or more of their application portfolio will be running on a (public) cloud platform in two years (of which 15% said more than 70%). For a second year in a row, clients cite security and privacy issues as their number one challenge to successfully transition to the public cloud (60%).

cite security & privacy issues as their No.1 challenge to transition to the public cloud

More than 50% of organisations are already using Intelligent Automation (IA) although only 16% say the benefits of these new technologies are being shared significantly by their service providers.

of respondents already use IA

Results presentation

The results of our 2020 IT Sourcing Study for France were presented to participants during a webinar on 10 December. The event also featured a vendor panel debate with representatives from some of the main IT service providers in France.