2023 Dutch IT Sourcing Study Results Published

The 2023 Dutch IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with Eraneos, investigates more than 450 unique IT sourcing relationships and 740 cloud sourcing relationships held by over 220 participants of the top IT spending organisations in the Netherlands.

Cyber threat makes IT Security the top investment area for CIOs in the Netherlands.

The number one IT investment area for clients is increasing security, resilience and cyber defence. 59% of organisations cite this as a top investment area, indicating that they recognise the importance of IT for their operations and the increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

Migrating core business applications to the cloud and further automation of business processes are the second most popular IT investment areas, with 50%.

Companies in the Netherlands are increasingly looking at eastern Europe for IT.

The demand for nearshore outsourcing, e.g., to eastern Europe, is expected to grow, with more than 40% of organisations indicating that they expect nearshore to increase within their outsourcing mix.

The continued growth of the Dutch IT outsourcing market remains stable, with no significant changes compared to last year: 79% of organisations in the Netherlands plan to outsource at the same rate or more, with 44% confirming they will outsource more. The number of respondents planning to outsource more is the highest in Europe, 8% above the 2022 European average of 36%.


Organisations in the Netherlands are looking to outsource to focus on their core business (64%), increase scalability (52%) and access resources/talent (50%).

Focus on core business
More scalability
Access to resources/talent
EPAM 82%
TCS 81%
Wipro 80%

General satisfaction: Exceptional Performers

Two-thirds of the Dutch market is satisfied with their IT sourcing provider, with 65% of all 459 IT sourcing relationships rated as satisfied or very satisfied.

This year, 24 IT service providers have been included in the general satisfaction ranking. New entrant EPAM achieves first place with 82%, followed by TCS (81%) and Wipro (80%). The top three providers are classed as ‘Exceptional performers’ whose scores stand out compared to the other ranked providers.

Across the five IT service towers, the top providers are:

  • Digital transformation: EPAM, Wipro and CGI

  • Application services: EPAM, TCS and Wipro

  • Infrastructure hosting: TCS, T-Systems and Kyndryl

  • Workplace services: TCS, DXC Technology and Atos

  • Security Services: TCS, Capgemini and DXC Technology

The Dutch report includes full rankings for the above IT service towers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) achieves first place for infrastructure cloud platforms with 81%, while Microsoft Office 365 is number one for software cloud platforms with 87%.

Satisfaction with cloud providers remains high, with 78% of all 742 cloud sourcing relationships rated as satisfied or very satisfied (13% higher than IT sourcing relationships).

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Office 365

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