We are delighted to partner with the following companies on our IT Outsourcing Studies.

Navisco AG – Sourcing Professionals

  • With more than 15 years of specialized expertise and more than 250 projects in Benchmarking, Sourcing and Transformation, Navisco AG has become one of the leading independent Sourcing Advisors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with a growing footprint in the Nordics
  • Navisco supports leading international corporations to assess and optimize their IT Infrastructure, Application Management and Back Office Services
  • Navisco’s sourcing engagements comprise benchmarking Shared Service Centers, restructuring internal Service Units, optimizing and transforming external Outsourcing Contracts or providing Service Integration Services
  • Navisco is independent from service providers, technologies and invests about 10% of the yearly revenue into best practice reference models, people and research projects

For more information visit navisco.com

PA Consulting

  • An employee-owned Management Consulting firm with over 2,500 employees, we work with business and governments worldwide through our offices in North America, Europe, the Nordics, the Gulf and Asia Pacific.
  • Broad set of business consulting, technology and innovation services
  • 330 consultants in the Nordics
  • IT sourcing in PA – PA has advised on more than 650 sourcing engagements for more than 500 clients world-wide, with sourcing representing 20% of PA’s revenue
  • IT sourcing presence in the Nordics – In PA Nordic, we have a team with more than 45 consultants focused primarily on sourcing
  • Independent – PA is independent from service providers, technology and solutions and assist our clients evaluate the most suitable options and opportunities

For more information visit paconsulting.com

Quint Wellington Redwood

  • Quint Wellington Redwood is a leading global independent boutique consulting firm dedicated to resolving IT-related organizational challenges. Operating in more than 49 countries and across four continents,
  • Quint provides sourcing advisory, benchmarking, IT governance, IT service management, lean IT and architecture & security services to leading organizations from all industries, creating and implementing best practices worldwide. Quint was founded to help organizations get more from IT, not by adding more or new technology, but by simply managing IT better.
  • Quint’s “Dare to Challenge” mission challenges itself and its clients to implement changes that deliver true results, outperform the competition and create a measurable return on investment. Quint’s vision is to reinvent not only its clients’ organizations, but also the consulting industry itself. More information about Quint is available at www.quintgroup.com

For more information visit quintgroup.com