Long-/shortlist analyst input: data and options for your shortlist or longlist

Data on market/country coverage and performance specific to your scope

Looking at your desired scope, type of services, size of the potential deal, and other aspects, Whitelane assembles relevant data regarding the performance of service providers based on input from 2,000 organizations in Europe.

Multiple long-/shortlist suggestions

Whitelane provides 2-4 alternative long-/shortlists substantiated by our independent analyst data. E.g., a shortlist for a fast-track RFP or a longlist with challengers that are up and coming in your region.


  1. Presentation of the long-/shortlist suggestions and opportunity for Q&A.

  2. Analyst report containing fact-based substantiation of the long-/shortlists.

  3. Copy of relevant research reports: a copy of the relevant research reports for your country/countries, including a copy of Whitelane’s European report for your industry.

Clear benefits

  • Improves quality: covers all proven and relevant providers, including challengers.

  • Ensures compliance: includes transparent, independent, and fact-based substantiation; is auditable.

  • Saves time: eliminates (or strongly reduces) the need to spend time on reference cases or calls.

  • Best practice: fits perfectly into leading strategy approaches, including from our consulting partners.

Long-/Shortlist Analyst Input

If you are interested in Whitelane’s long-/shortlist analyst input or would like more information, please contact us below.