End-User / Service Provider Events

The objective of our events is to exchange ideas between end-users and service providers about different outsourcing themes and how to achieve better (win-win) sourcing relationships.

These events take place in: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Zurich.

Event Topics

  • Outsourcing in the Financial Services Sector
  • Best Practices of Outsourcing your WAN
  • Outsourcing in the Public Sector
  • Outsourcing your End-User Computing Services
  • Best Practices in Good Governance of Outsourcing Relationships
  • Outsourcing in SME’s
  • Best Practices in managing Hybrid Cloud / Datacenter Outsourcing
Whitelane Events Programme

Forthcoming Events


  • 23 September, Zurich – 2020 Swiss IT Sourcing Results Presentation


  • 8 October, Helsinki – 2020 Nordic IT Outsourcing Forum
  • 13 October, Stockholm – 2020 Nordic IT Outsourcing Forum
  • 15 October, Amsterdam – 2020 Dutch IT Outsourcing Forum


  • 12 November, Madrid- 2020 Spanish IT Sourcing Results Presentation
  • 26 November, Frankfurt – 2020 German IT Sourcing Results Presentation


  • 10 December, Paris – 2020 French IT Sourcing Results Presentation