Whitelane Research Executive Best Practices Groups “Sourcing” is a forum exclusively for corporate executives (end-users only) who use sourcing as significant part of their business strategies. Membership, which is by invitation only, allows executives to confidentially share ideas and information about their sourcing relationships.

Members come together four times a year to discuss specific sourcing related topics.

Some examples of topics that will be discussed:
  • Governance Models and Tools to Better Manage Existing Service Providers
  • Public Cloud Challenges: Real Cost, Governance, Integration, Security, Exit Clauses, etc.
  • Application Testing Sourcing
  • Selective vs. Integrated Sourcing
  • Sole Sourcing Initiatives
  • Offshore/Nearshore Experiences
  • Use of Benchmarking, Incentives, Penalties
  • Shared Service Centers and Captives
  • Role of the CIO in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)