The 2019 annual Spanish IT Outsourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in cooperation with Quint investigates more than 830 unique IT outsourcing relationships held by over 225 executives of the top IT spending organisations across all industry sectors in Spain. 
Key findings from the Spanish Study include:  

  • During the next two years outsourcing will continue to increase in Spain, with 83% of organisations planning to outsource at the same rate or more, up 7% since 2018. In comparison with the rest of Europe, Spain has one of the lowest levels of insourcing (6%). On an industry level, most outsourcing growth is expected in the health care sector and public sector.
  • Access to resources, service quality and cost reduction continue to be the three most important factors driving outsourcing. However, Access to resources, the main outsourcing driver for clients, is ranked penultimate in importance by service providers. Innovation is considered the least important driver by service providers, cited by only 15%.
  • In general, clients are very satisfied with their service providers, with 94% of the 837 IT outsourcing relationships evaluated as satisfactory. Spain continues to have the largest degree of client satisfaction in Europe.
  • Everis and DXC Technology are the highest ranked providers for 2019, with a shared satisfaction score of 80%, followed by Ibermática, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture, and Deloitte (all five with 79%). In comparison with the rest of Europe, Spain continues to have one of the highest levels of client satisfaction. New entrants in this year’s study include: Econocom, Getronics and GFI.
  • Adoption of Agile methodology continues to grow in Spain (12% since last year) and both the financial services sector and public sector experience significant increases of 22% and 15%, respectively. Less than a third of organisations are using DevOps as their preferred delivery model. However, 43% of organisations are planning to use DevOps, with a significant increase expected across all sectors, in particular the financial services sector (55%).
  • Robotics and AI present a great opportunity in Spain, with a significant proportion (81%) planning to increase their use of these technologies in the coming year. The public sector is lagging behind, with only 24% of organisations using Robotics/AI (less than half the average) and this sector in particular will experience the biggest growth (47%).

Results Presentation

The results of our 2019 IT Outsourcing Study for Spain were presented in Madrid on 14 November. The event also featured two round tables with clients from Acciona, CEPSA, Grupo Iberostar and Santander Global Tech as well as representatives from Accenture, Capgemini, Everis, TCS and T-Systems.

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Management Summary

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