The 2019 Dutch IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with Quint Wellington Redwood, investigates more than 550 unique IT outsourcing relationships held by over 200 of the top IT spending organisations in the Netherlands. 
Key findings from the 2019 Dutch study include:

  • More than two out of five organisations (42 percent) in the Netherlands are planning to outsource more of their IT in the next two years, with most outsourcing to be expected from the financial services sector (53%). Eleven percent of Dutch organisations are planning to increase insourcing in the coming years.
  • The primary reasons for Dutch organisations to outsource their IT services are focus on core business, improvement of service quality and cost reduction. Overall, more than 90 percent of organisations cite that they have (partly) achieved their outsourcing objectives.
  • Innovation is an increasingly more important factor for clients (cited by 43% as a key driver), but four out of five participants state that they are not achieving the expected innovation through outsourcing.
  • Cloud continues its growth with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Office Suite and Azure), having over 80 contracts that have been evaluated in this year’s study.
  • 70% of clients indicate that security and privacy concerns are the main barriers to further cloud adoption; service providers do not share this concern as only 30% of providers indicate security and privacy is a barrier.
  • The service provider community continues to show a strong overall satisfaction level with an increase in general satisfaction (2% for the whole market compared to last year) and an impressive 88% of the clients being somewhat to very satisfied with the 554 evaluated IT sourcing relationships.
  • On the overall ranking for general satisfaction, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is ranked number 1 with a satisfaction score of 84%, followed by Centric (79%), TCS and Accenture (both at 78%) and (76%).

Across the 4 different IT domains, the highest ranking providers are:

  • For application development, maintenance, testing and SaaS: TCS, Accenture and
  • For datacenter managed infrastructure and hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Centric and Microsoft (Azure)
  • For network & telecommunications: Vodafone, Orange Business Services and KPN
  • For end-user services and collaboration solutions: Centric, Microsoft (Office Suite) and Cegeka

Results Presentation

The results of our 2019 IT Sourcing Study for the Netherlands were presented by Jef Loos, Whitelane and Alex van den Bergh, Quint on 14 March 2019. With almost 100 people in attendance, the event featured multiple interactive presentations hosted by organisations including Eneco, ERIKS, ING and Rabobank. There were also in-depth topic sessions on Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Sourcing in a DevOps Enterprise and SIAM.

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