The 2019 BeLux IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research, investigates more than 550 unique IT outsourcing relationships held by over 200 of the top IT spending organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg. 
Key findings from the 2019 BeLux study include:

  • 50% of organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg cite that they are planning to outsource more in the next two years. The BeLux region has the highest percentage of expected outsourcing growth in comparison to the rest of Europe and is 12% above the European average of 38%.
  • The primary reasons for clients to outsource their IT services are: focus on core business, access to resources and cost reduction (up 5% this year). Client and service provider perspectives continue to be aligned for a consecutive year as far as the top 3 outsourcing drivers are concerned. Clients however put more emphasis on improvement of service quality and innovation which is supported by the fact that 70% of participants state they are not achieving or only partly achieving innovation as a key objective.
  • Innovation should be a key target area for providers, as we conclude that organisations want to increasingly leverage new innovative technologies (e.g. robotics and artificial intelligence) to further automate processes, trying to achieve cost reductions and quality improvement at the same time. The benefits of these new technologies are considered to be (very) significant by more than 60% of the organisations that are currently using robotics and/or AI.
  • The service provider community continues to show a strong overall satisfaction level with an impressive 90% of the clients being somewhat to very satisfied with the 567 evaluated IT sourcing relationships.
  • TCS and Econocom are the highest ranking providers with a general satisfaction score of 80%, closely followed by Telenet and Deloitte (both at 79%) and Microsoft and new entrant Delaware (both at 78%).
  • The agile way of working can be described as collaborative, flexible, incremental and evolutionary. More than 50 percent of BeLux organisations are already using agile as their preferred model with another 33% planning to use it.
  • There are still a significant number of barriers to overcome in order to successfully transition to the public cloud. Most prominently mentioned are the integration of cloud applications with existing or legacy systems (cited by 69% of respondents), closely followed by security and privacy issues (cited by 66%). More than half of the organisations (56%) mention the governance and capabilities to manage cloud providers and solutions, and 49 percent emphasise issues regarding legal and regulatory compliance.

Results Presentation

The results of our 2019 IT Sourcing Study for Belgium and Luxembourg were presented in Zaventem on 28 February 2019. Jef Loos presented the results of the study to participants and the event featured a client presentation from Didier Generet, VP Global Infrastructure at UCB in addition to a vendor panel debate.

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