The 2018 Dutch IT Outsourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in cooperation with Quint Wellington Redwood, investigates more than 520 unique IT outsourcing contracts held by over 200 of the top IT spending organisations in the Netherlands.
Key findings from the Dutch study include:

  • There is still an appetite for outsourcing among companies in the Netherlands with 81% of participants confirming that they will continue to outsource IT at the same rate or more. One out of 10 clients say they will outsource less in the coming two years while future plans to outsource more have decreased by 11% in comparison with 2017.
  • Public cloud has moved to become an established phenomenon. The larger public cloud providers such as Microsoft (Office 365, Azure), Amazon (AWS), SAP, Salesforce, Google and Oracle are now also strongly represented in the survey results with a total of over 100 significant contracts in the Netherlands.
  • The main objectives to outsource among Dutch organisations are: focus on core business, improvement of service quality and cost reduction. In contrast, service providers in the Netherlands place twice as much emphasis on business transformation (55% compared to 25% of clients) and underestimate the importance of access to resources (18% compared to 41% of clients). Although innovation is picking up, clients still feel they are not getting sufficient innovation from their outsourcing contracts and this is a key area (also reflected by the low KPI average) where providers and clients should work together.
  • Overall, respondents are satisfied with their IT service provider(s), with 86% of the 521 IT outsourcing contracts being evaluated as satisfactory.
  • TCS is the highest ranked IT service provider (80%) followed by Cognizant (77%) and Centric (76%).
  • Amazon (80% with its AWS IaaS platform) is the highest ranked public cloud provider followed by (77% with its SaaS platform) and Microsoft (74% with its Office365 SaaS platform and Azure IaaS platform)
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are primarily used in the business domain to automate back- and mid-office processes (29% of respondents indicate use in this domain versus 25% in applications or IT infrastructure). However, it still appears to be in early days as clients indicate a lack of awareness, capabilities and maturity of these technologies.

Results Presentation

The results of our 2018 IT Outsourcing Study for the Netherlands were presented by Jef Loos, Whitelane and Alex van den Bergh, Partner Sourcing Advisory, Quint Wellington Redwood in Baarn on 28 March. The half-day event also featured multiple interactive presentations hosted by organizations such as ABN AMRO, Philips Lighting, ERIKS and Off.Grid:Electric.

Management Summary

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Management Summary

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