The 2017 French IT Outsourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research, examines over 500 unique IT outsourcing contracts held by more than 145  participants of the top IT spending organisations in France.
Key findings from the French study include:

  • 63% of all respondents in the study confirm that they will continue to outsource at the same rate or more. Whilst 29% say they will outsource more, 14% say they will outsource less and 22% do not yet know what their outsourcing plans will look like in the next few years. In comparison with 2016 plans to outsource more have decreased by 19%.
  • Cost reduction continues to be the highest priority for organisations (71%), despite suffering a decrease of 8%. Focus on core business is the 2nd most important driver, increasing by 11% in the last year. We also asked the service provider community in France which drivers they expect to influence their clients most in the next few years. Service providers place almost twice as much emphasis on business transformation compared to what clients focus on (73% compared to 41%) and underestimate the importance of cost reduction (55% compared to 71%) as a driver influencing future client outsourcing plans.
  • Overall, respondents are satisfied with their IT service provider(s), with 91% of the 472 IT outsourcing contracts being evaluated as satisfactory.
  • LTI is the highest ranked service provider with a score of 80%, followed by Amazon (79%), Cognizant, Google and TCS (all three at 78%) and Accenture, Fujitsu and Thales (all three at 75%).
  • In the applications development and support space LTI scores high, followed jointly by Cognizant and TCS.
  • In data center services new entrants Amazon and Microsoft lead in satisfaction, closely followed by Fujitsu.
  • In end-user services, Computacenter and Groupe Neurones receive the highest satisfaction score from participants.
Above: Laurent Bendavid, Dassault Aviation

Results Presentation

The results of our 2017 IT Outsourcing Study for France were presented in Paris on 17 January 2018. The event also featured two client presentations by Laurent Bendavid, Dassault Aviation and Mickael Vasseur of GRDF .

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